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Chap Clark, PhD, retired pastor at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Newport Beach, CA, and served as professor and chair of Youth, Family, and Culture at Fuller Seminary. Chap is also President of ParenTeen, Inc. Chap has authored/co-authored 25 books, including the award-winning Hurt 2.0: Inside the World of Today’s Teenagers, Sticky Faith, Adoptive Youth Ministry: Integrating Emerging Generations into the Family of Faith and Adoptive Church. Chap has been married to Dee for 41 years and they have three children and five granddaughters.

Chap is now working on a range of projects including consulting with churches as they discover how to lead out of this 2 year pandemic. Church leaders are navigating what is becoming known as “the great resignation.” If you or your church could use an expert to help you navigate these waters contact Chap for a free consultation and discover how he may be a resource to you and your team.

Sample of Chap’s Speaking

Slack Tide

Matthew 14:22-33

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PARENTEEN: Serving the developmental and systemic needs of the young

ParenTeen™ Seminars equip parents to both understand and nurture their children in a constantly changing cultural environment. They are guaranteed to help parents gain insight into their child’s journey, and to develop a more authentic and effective parenting strategy throughout the teen years and beyond.

ParenTeen is designed to offer the insights from the latest research as well as help prepare parents of any religious or ideological viewpoint what teenagers need in our highly fragmented cultural climate. The seminar is presented for all adults who care for kids, and will not present any material that is religiously insensitive to those who do not come from a Christian perspective.

The Church-Based seminar is specifically focused on what it means to see parenting as stewardship from God. The focus will be on how God is calling parents to respond to their children in a highly secular and fragmented culture, what biblical discipleship looks like during the teen years, and how parents who have an authentic faith have the best chance of leading their children into a lifetime of commitment to God and his kingdom work.

Check out more of Chap’s content on this topic on his Parenteen podcast.


Understanding Today’s Kids

The Understanding Today’s Kids (or HURT) seminars are designed to help anyone who works with or in the service of adolescents to understand who they are and how they think. They are based on the latest research on adolescent development, family and social systems, and the rapidly-changing environment that every young person faces. Chap’s teaching is based on understanding and respect for any individual or group involved in nurturing, teaching and loving this generation and of course, the same love and respect for the generation itself.

A small sampling of groups who are regular partners with Chap’s seminars:

  • Public and private schools and districts
  • Youth sports’ parenting and coaching organizations
  • The US Air Force Chaplains
  • Young Life

Community “Town Hall” Seminar
This seminar is specifically focused on a broad range of adults and organizations – educators, social workers and government officials, counselors and therapists, youth workers and parents – to provide them with the training they need to understand the contemporary adolescent experience.

Faith-Based “Understanding Today’s Kids” Seminar
This seminar provides churches training and tools any faith group needs to understand the adolescent experience and help them to more fully assimilate and integrate their students into the full life of the faith family.

Custom designed seminar/event
Chap’s adaptable style and broad appeal allows him to create from scratch a seminar, training or other event or even several day multifaceted experience. One mid-sized city brought Chap in for two days, for example, to offer a teacher/coach training half day, consulting school administrators, meeting with city officials, a city-wide parenting event, and a half-day seminar for mental health professionals. For this type of event design the host will work directly with Chap to determine the best way to maximize the experience.



For a wide variety of groups and reasons primarily serving the young, ranging from schools and districts to colleges and seminaries to churches, Chap brings his extensive experience and broad expertise to guide organizations and initiatives toward systemic clarity and effectiveness. Contact Chap for more details on his consulting work.


Chap Clark (PhD, University of Denver) is the retired lead pastor at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Newport Beach, CA, and served as professor of Practical Theology and Youth, Family, and Culture at Fuller Seminary, where he still mentors doctor of ministry students. Chap is also President of ParenTeen, Inc. that provides seminars, presentations and consulting on behalf of young people, parents and any group that is invested in the development of the young. As an author/co-author of 25 books and over 100 published articles, Chap brings a unique integration of the study of relationships and a robust theological commitment. His use of humor, “we’re in this together” style, and his experience as a husband, father, and granddaddy (3 granddaughters) allows him to connect with a broad constituency in a way that feels like family.